Women Gone Wilderness

Women Gone Wilderness

Our wilderness areas are open for everyone to venture out in and explore. On any given day head up to North Georiga and take the short but streneous hike up to the top of Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail.

WILD Women atop Blood Mountain during a backpacking trip.

You will see a wide variety of people – families with children where dad is carrying enough snacks and toys to survive a month long road trip. You will see an active older couple that looks like they have been hiking together for 50 years. You will see group of boy scouts running up the mountainside with their fearless leaders slowly making the climb behind them. You will even see bikers decked out in leathers, looking completly out of place, but enjoying the views. But the one thing you won’t normally see is a group of women.


Is it because women are still stuck in traditonal roles? Is it because as young girls they earned badges for selling cookies, not climbing mountains? Is it because the “the wilderness is not safe for women”? There is not one right answer – as each of us comes from a different backgrounds and upbringings.

IMG_8667And wilderness trips are different experiences. Some of our ladies are experienced and have been on many camping and backpacking trips. For others this is their first time. Some women persue wilderness adventures for a reason to “get into shape” and others are looking to push their physical boundries. Regardless of your reason, each of us are there for an outdoor experience. A chance to sleep inside a tent under the stars. To get mountaintop views that you cant reach by car. To stop and soak in the beauty of nature.

There is a trail acroynum that is commonly used – HYOH = Hike your own hike. Each of us head out there with a different purpose, but collectivly we are #womengonewilderness.



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